Erkonsan Medical, established in Istanbul and operates for 25 years. In Turkey, we set up many hospitals , and sale products to domestic and abroad.We sale many products such as operating room, intensive care unit, radiology unit to health institutions in many cities ,especially Istanbul. And we still provide technical service support.We supply health devices and especially radiology laboratories(MRI, Tomography,Angiography device, Ultrasonography, Echocardiography,x-Ray,Mammography,Bone Densitometer) to abroad. We have increased our activity in recent years as the main medical device supplier of an international consortium that delivers hospital constructions abroad. In addition to an effective sales and marketing team, we continue to work with experienced technical service staff and solution partners.

Our Mission

With our hospital projects in various countries, including Turkey, sales of medical devices with advanced technology, and high quality after-sales service and total quality approach, we aim to improve the quality of human life.

Our Vision

Our purpose is making difference in healthcare with improving human’s life quality. That’s why we provide fully equipped hospital projects, advanced technological medical devices and after sale services.